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20 Year Anniversary of Destec Australia

EIC Oil & Gas

We are exhibiting at the EIC Oil & Gas event on November 22nd to 23rd 2016 please visit us at stand A6 to learn more about the Destec product range.

Subsea offshore services press release

Destec is synonymous with innovation engineering high quality connectors for the oil & gas industry. Destec has been in business for over 46 years and still a family owed company run by the Director Mr. Barry Porter.

The engineers at Destec are coming up with new ideas for the subsea connections as the market becomes more innovated and complicated. The first GSB Single bolt clamp that Destec sold into the market was in 1984 and still to this day it is in Service in the North Sea, this shows the quality that Destec achieves. All of the products are fully traceable, manufactured and inspected at Destec’s Factory in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, this gives Destec a greater control over the products that it produces, and with our major customers like ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Onesubsea, Chevron & GE only the best will do! Destec has a very well skilled workforce with most of the staff working at Destec for 25 years on average, but soon Destec will need more staff to cope with the foreseeable work.

This year has been good so far for Destec even with the uncertainly of the oil industry and not knowing when it will recover, with new product & onsite machining contracts with chemical companies in the UK & Asia, also extending the pricing agreement with one of their biggest clients for the next 5 years.

Ball Flange

Ball Flange

The Destec onsite service team has just completed the 6 week turnaround work on the Milazzo Refinery in Sicily, which has consisted in the inspection, machining, ndt
& assembly of the G range 4 bolt clamps which is used on all the high pressure valves and pipe work throughout the site. Mark Lamyman from Destec is very pleased with how the job went with no leaks and a very satisfied customer. Also later this year the service the service team will be working in the Norwegian & Australia offshore sectors as well as the U.K power generation industry.

Destec have now designed & manufactured a Misalignment compact flange with sizes available from 4’ 1500lb to 24’ 1500lb and will mate to the standard Desflex compact flange. This product is used where there is a misalignment in the pipeline, and is also a swivel flange for bolt misalignment. Destec knows there is a market for this product and hope that it will take off like their other connector products.

A busy year for Destec Engineering Ltd

With the oil priced now around $30 barrel most of the oil related projects have been put on hold until the price will rise, but within 18 months the industry will need the projects and the new infrastructure as the industry cannot survive without it.

All this has resulted in mass redundancy in major companies but it seems the smaller companies with low overheads like Destec are emerging above the larger firms and are still able to keep going in the present climate, and with all the new machines and investment the Destec management has given Destec this year we are doing well.

For the start of 2016 we have a new customer called CF Fertiliser (was Growhow) which will be replacing all its existing Grayloc hubs and seals with our Destec G-Range and we have the service/shutdown work starting in April, also at the same time we should have the service/shutdown work at Milazzo refinery in Sicily, this work alone at Milazzo will be worth 300,000.00 EUROS, and we hope to get some product in there too, and RWE Didcot B are wanting a on-site machining contract after the work we completed last year.

At the start of this year Destec have now appointed a Distributor in the Middle East ( RBV Energy), we hope now we will be able to reach out to this region and get a good name for Destec there. In April Destec will exhibit at the CIPPE 2016 oil & gas show in Beijing, China . Last year we attended this show and had good results, I hope for the same again this year.

Destec Engineering have now just completed the ExxonMobil agreement for the next five years; this includes Product & Service . The other new projects that Destec has a good chance of winning is the OHKA FPSO refurbishment, SLNG extension and Yinson new FPSO all in Singapore and starting early in 2016.

Destec have met with all the companies there and Yinson say their project they have just finished was worth 3.2 Billion and now they have qualified Destec for Product supply ready for this next FPSO build. Also I will be looking into the project builds in South Korea at the start of March so I hope we can get some enquiry in this region.

2015 has bought in some new customers to Destec and we have given as much Destec exposure to the Oil & Gas industry as possible, so 2016 may start slow but will be a successful year for Destec and its growth.

Destec Wins Contract

Destec wins contract to Provide DESFLEX compact Flanges for the BP Quad 204 Redevelopment Project

BP and JP Kenny recently awarded Destec Engineering with a significant contract for the supply of a large quantity of DESFLEX compact flanges, its high integrity & field proven history on the Schiehallion & Foinavon fields made it an ideal choice.

The BP Quad 204 redevelopment project located some 80 miles West of Shetland, which is an extension of the Scheihallion field and consists of a new FPSO, an extension of the existing subsea system with 15 new or replacement flowlines and 21 new or replacement risers plus 14 new wells in addition to the 52 existing.

Destec’s scope of supply consists of several hundred flanges in a variety of sizes and materials for the subsea flowlines, manifolds & FTA’s.

This major project will access the remaining hydrocarbon reserves in the Schiehallion and Loyal fields, extending production through to 2035.

Alistair Chadwick, Destec’s Marketing Manager, said: “We are delighted to have secured this contract as part of a technically complex project enabling us to demonstrate further our experience and capability from our facility at Lincoln, UK”

Destec attend the Singapore OSEA

Destec attend the Singapore OSEA exhibition 2014.

Destec got to meet some new customers and managed to see the existing ones too. The companies at the OSEA were from all over the world and willing to do business with us, we  gained some work from Petrovietnam on a offshore project and was invited to have dinner with the ambassador for the UK in Singapore. This was a great opportunity to talk with other British companies that work in the Far East.

Destec attending CIPPE 2015

Destec will be attending China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE 2015) 26th – 28th March.

China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe), is a regular gathering in petroleum and petrochemical industry. With a magnificent exhibition over 100,000 sqm, cippe Beijing will attract 1,800 exhibitors from 65 nations and regions, 18 international pavilions and 65,000 professional visitors. cippe has become the largest petroleum exhibition in the world.